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10 Ways to Set Achievable Goals

Goals are essential to developing personally, in our careers and lifestyle. At this time of the year it is not uncommon for us to look back and ask ourselves; “what have I been doing differently from last year to improve my situation, my career, my family, myself?” Most of us end up pushing our last year’s un-achieved goals to the next year.

We allow it by telling ourselves that; “Next year I am going to be a whole new person.” Do you realize what makes us say those words instead of taking real actions when it’s time? It’s not just our carelessness, laziness or procrastination to blame, sometimes the reasons can be more than just that. It may be something to consider when we are creating goals for ourselves. I have listed 10 tips below to see what we need to work on to set realistic goals:

1. Set Goals that Motivate You

Anything that has no motivation factor for us is something we never prioritize to be done. It feels like a burden on our shoulders, doesn’t it? Suppose you love teaching, but hate cooking! You see scope in becoming a chef for five-star hotels as you find many upcoming opportunities next year for a chef? Therefore, you decide to give yourself a goal of becoming a cook. Now how would you motivate yourself to cook? That’s a tough one to work on. But if you would choose goals for the New Year aligned with your area of interest, i.e. teaching, you would be more inclined to attain those goals.

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2. Screen your Goals

We give ourselves tough goals at the start of each year, without even realizing if they matter or not? How would they contribute to our career and personal development? Making tough goals isn’t the right approach. Making the right goals is what actually matters. Screening your goals to identify what purpose they have behind them is necessary.

3. Set SMART Goals

A much-known term used for goals is setting SMART goals. Following are the characteristics of establishing the right goals that are realistic and attainable:

  • Specific

Interestingly setting specific goals is very crucial. Because generic goals can be sometimes misleading.

  • Measurable

You need to make sure whatever goal you set is measurable. If it is not, you need to reconsider your goals. To measure progress against our goal is important as it helps us see that we are on track.

  • Attainable

An attainable goal is what makes it realistic. Because setting unrealistic goals can become a reason for frustration when we fail to achieve them.

  • Relevant

Obviously, goals need to be relevant! Suppose if I have set my main goal to become a wildlife photographer, my other goals should also be around my main goal.

  • Time-Bound

Any goal that you set should be time-bound, that way you can find out how long you need to work on it. If it does not give results within the set time, it is an indication to either re-consider the goal or move on with it.

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4. Write Down Your Goals

Do you remember back when a schoolteacher asked you to write down the mathematical tables you learned by heart? Writing down is a great way to memorize things. That way your brain is trained to remember well what it sees and repeats. Writing down goals will help you memorize your goals, while it helps you to take baby steps easily because you have unconsciously made your brain make efforts towards it.

5. How desperately do you want it?

Your goals may be very tempting, attainable, and realistic. They can be motivating too. But have you asked yourself if this is what you really want? Are you fine with it even if you do not achieve it? Because something you want desperately is what you call a goal! Doing something that creates passion is what you call a goal that you want desperately.

6. Devise an Action plan

Just setting goals is not enough, everyone can do that. Even I can make goals for all my friends free of charge! But the game begins when we set an action plan on how to attain them. No goal is complete without devising an action plan. Suppose I have given myself a goal to lose 20lbs next year. If I haven’t thought of how to attain it, then what would be the purpose of my goal?

An action plan outlining step by step what to do is essential to help you achieve your end goals.

7. Stick Strictly to Your Goals

Consistency is the key to success, in the same way being consistent towards your goals is essential to achieve them. It is not possible to expect your goals to be met on their own, you need to put in the effort and hard work to achieve them.

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8. Evaluate your Goals

Do you ever evaluate your goals during the time when you are supposed to work on them? I bet 90% of us never do it. We only cry over spilt milk when the time is over. Evaluating the progress of your goals allows you to identify if the goal is viable or not? Breaking it down into smaller milestones and evaluating your progress will make it much easier to see how far you have come.

9. Re-Set your goals

Have you ever heard of re-setting your goals? Either it is setting goals or making new ones when they are not going well. Many goals can be attained by making a few changes rather than making a whole new goal. This time around goals for New Year 2021 also have the new feature of “Goal Reset”. If you find any goal that has not progressed in the decided time-line, it is then time to re-consider your goals and move on with making re-considered ones in 2021 to avoid time waste.

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10. Give Yourself Credit for achievements

Being tough with yourself will not help you achieve your goals. Instead, this New Year in 2021 you need to celebrate your milestone achievements to maintain motivation and encouragement. Always appreciate your smaller achievements. Because if you won’t do that, then who is going to push you towards achieving your goals? You are the one who has made your goals, and you are going to make them possible.

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