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COVID-19 Survival: Feeling Restricted

Feeling Restricted During Corona-virus?

Myself and the family went into a self-isolation from mid-October and during this time various family members had a range of different COVID symptoms. They ranged from cold symptoms for myself to days in bed for Tamara.

It is a fact that the virus exists and affects people, the key for us all in that we are diligent and look after ourselves and respect others around us. Don't forget to call friends and family who are under the weather, maintaining contact is a game-changer for anyone who is feeling sick and lonely on these times.

For me personally, my symptoms were similar to a cold, there were a few evenings where I had a high temperature, however paracetamol sorted that out. One feeling that I did not expect was the feeling of been drained of energy in the evenings. I found that come evening time I wanted to keep warm, I lit the open fire and made sure we were all nice and warm. I felt as though I had that shivery bone feeling. Another sensation that I did not like was the feeling of muscular joint pains, especially in the back. Hot water bottles were a  great solution to that one. Old school measures!

I did not take any medicines other than paracetamol a few times for a high temperature. I did however ensure that I drank plenty of fluids, mostly hot water, honey and lemon - my staple solution when not feeling well.

Now I do have to admit one truth, hot whiskey - you cannot beat it. I am not a medic and do not profess that it is a solution however a hot water, whiskey, brown sugar, lemon and cloves is a lovely tipple in the evening, certainly warmed the cockles of my heart.


Looking after the wellbeing of the family becomes the priority. The family needs to be fed, kids need to be schooled, work needs to be done, the clothes need to be washed! Life still has to go on, albeit slower. It is not easy however with the help of everyone we got through, the family have to work together to make it work.

Initially Tamara was self-isolated in her bedroom, separate toilet, we were running around with masks, cleaning our hands with sanitiser all serious stuff. We missed her dearly, it was not nice having to be separated from your mum, from your wife. We did what we thought was our best. Overtime people recovered felt better and returned to full health. The key is patience with time itself and with each other of course.

So over two weeks into this experience, I was starting to get cabin fever. Enough!!!! I have to be reminded that there is a real-world out there. So I had breakfast and went out with my two eldest daughters. We did not have symptoms and we wore our masks. We went to visit Turin and spend some time together. It was great, simple time out and a reminder that life still goes on even when it seems to stand still in self-isolation.

So don't be too fearful, be diligent in your safety, respect others, be patient with family and when the time is right to GET OUT!!!

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