5 Positives from Lockdown

What are your top 5 positives during lockdown?

Lockdown, due to the coronavirus, has allowed us to live differently, change our routines and habits. My 5 top positives are

1 . The stress of the morning school run is gone

2. I discovered I have a family of artists

3. I have been able to DJ again to a new audience

4. We have been able to connect with family and friends more than before

5. We have had time to spend time together as a family and have fun

What are your top 5?

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2 thoughts on “5 Positives from Lockdown”

  1. Angela Mc Cauley

    Very good results.
    Three children returned home for lockdown, more company.
    My son is cooking lovely meals.
    Help with housework.
    Help with garden.
    Family time.
    Movie nights.
    Zoom time with family who are not at home
    Went for a cycle along local roadway
    Not spending much money
    Writing letters
    Phoning friends
    Prayer time together.
    More quiet times

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