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Irish man living in Italy


A believer, loving family member, a helper.

I am just like you, but with a vision to help those who need me. My goal is to help people find meaning and purpose in their lives. My name is Brendan McCauley, and I was born on 3rd February 1973. I am a loving husband and a caring father who loves to spend his time being a musician. You will often find me performing in a band or as a DJ.

I have a taste for good food and fine wines and craft beers. Other things that keep me happy are rugby, water sports, sub-aqua, boating, hiking, golfing, and BBQ'ing, to name a few. But the real person that I truly am is someone who never losses his faith no matter how difficult life becomes. My achievements are the result of changes that I allowed to happen.


I am a Chartered Construction Manager

I have worked in management roles for more than twenty-five years. Most of my life, I have been in the construction business, currently I am in the Power and Utility sector. I am also a member of the Chartered Institute of Building. I have gone through many ups and downs in my professional life, but I have never stopped myself from growing, even if life became challenging.

I firmly believe that one should continuously focus on their professional and personal development. One should keep learning new things. And here, I am willing to advise on life's soft and hard skills to people who already have or want to develop in their businesses. I believe my experience will allow you to manage your life and ultimately your business for the better.

A Brief History

Hi, my name is Brendan McCauley, and I am here not just to talk about myself, but to help you understand that in life, things happen, however, you should never lose your focus and faith.

Few things will change you for good, and few things will teach you some important life lessons. You are here to learn how I changed my future even though a lot of hardships surrounded me. I hope my experience will help you have a clear picture of what you can achieve in life.

I was born on 3rd February 1973, in Craigavon Hospital Co. Armagh. I completed my primary schooling from St. Malachy's. I was a successful football player back then and became part of the most successful primary school team in NI in 1984. We won many tournaments that year.

Later I cleared my GSCE's and A-Levels from a local Grammar School Coleraine Academical Institute 1984-1991. I took part in the schools' rugby Medalion Cup Final at Ravenhill, Belfast, but we lost by just three points to winner Method, who had been our rivals for years.


I grew up in a Catholic culture and took part in many Christian gatherings. Throughout my life, I have met many good people and have learned something or the other from them. I have a strong faith even though I am not religious, as I believe religion is man-made to control us. But my trust and faith in my God has always been intact. My exposure to the catholic primary school as well as the protestant Grammar school made me meet people of different cultures.

I went to the Queen's University of Belfast in September 1991 and studies there till June 1994 to complete my graduation in Information Management, where I studied IT, Business, Project and Management Systems.

From September 1997 to August 1998, I travelled to different parts of the world, which changed my vision about the world and also my outlook on life. I learned that talking to strangers is not bad at all. Being a traveller and backpacker myself, I came across many likeminded people, and it was great to meet up and share stories.

Earning My Keep

My first paid job was selling the local newspaper, "The Chronicle." I used to sell the newspaper every Thursday outside the busy shops, and I was only 12 years back then. That experience gave me my first taste of financial freedom. And with my earning, I purchased my first fishing rod for £20.

When I turned 16, I worked at an ice-cream shop in Portstewart. I didn't stop there; I also worked as a labourer for my friend's house building company. I always wanted to be independent financially, and being a young member of a large family, I took it as a responsibility to earn my own bread and butter. I started earning money, gave a percentage to my mother, and kept the rest for myself.

I am glad that I studied Information Management from the Queen's University of Belfast because that course helped me understand the basics of management.

In September 1998, I started my career at a Construction Building Company. By now, you must be wondering how I can help you in your path of life. The reason why I am sharing my career details with you is because I am sure many of you can relate to a similar career path and life experiences that I have had.

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The System!!

So I ended up educated in the system and ready for the next step, a full-time job. The system had me well indoctrinated by then they had me ready to join the Rat-Race.

In September 2000, I moved to Dublin and started working with a large building company; however, soon I realized that I was just a small fish in this vast sea. Hence, in 2002 September, I moved to a smaller building company where I saw growth potential. I became a site engineer and later ended up becoming a senior manager by June 2004.

One thing that I started realizing soon is that I was giving more time to my job rather than my family. Indeed, I was earning a six-figure salary, and the five-figure bonuses every six months gave me the power to spend on whatever things I wanted to as if there was no tomorrow. My bonuses were enough to pay off the loans.


Then the recession hit us all in 2008, and things soon started to change. The economic recession hit the construction industry the most. I have a family to look after; I have three kids whose school fees needed to be taken care of. I was left with loans, debts, and whatnot. Emotionally and financially, I was drained.

Anyhow, soon luck knocked on my doors, and I found a job in Dubai. But that excitement didn't last for long as the recession hit Dubai as well. So, I was stuck in Ireland, I had no job, and my family was dependent on me. I needed to do something. I then started my own ltd company and managed to employ 50 staff members on multiple construction projects until 2012. But. The recession was still on, and I ended up with more debts. Clients were not able to pay on time, and I had to figure out a different solution.


So, here I was thinking about my next move. I started working again for an Irish based company working for them in the UK and lived there for three months. I was staying everywhere else without my family. That didn't make me feel good. The long working hours without any time to rest made me rethink my career all over again. There were legacy debt and creditors always knocking on my doors.

But my employment opened new doors of growth opportunity. But somehow, I wasn't happy with the way I was living my life. Even though I wasn't sure what I needed to do, but I was done with the rat race. I wanted to spend more time with my family, I wanted my hard work to be recognized, however, I started to realise that hard work does not always equate to success.

I remembered the good old days I spent with my family. I was missing my wife, Tamara, and my three young daughters.

Ask, Believe and Receive

So, I spoke to my current employer and asked about a remote work opportunity, and the company approved it. For this, I am eternally grateful as that was a pivotal point in my life. That was a moment when I realised that we need to be grateful for all that we do have.  I asked my wife where she would like to move, and she, without any hesitation, said Turin. Within just two weeks, we moved to Turin, Italy. But that was just the beginning.

The serendipity of nature surrounded us aligned with personal development with renewed vigour I was training, helping, reviewing, and also aiming to give value to others. This was the time when I realized that I wanted to help others more, and this is one thing I was good at. I am able to apply my new learning to my day job and help bring value and benefit to my work colleagues.

As per the industrial revolution, I was only halfway through my career, and I had only 20/25 years left to retire. I needed to change my life, the way I was working, and I need to make my family my priority. I wanted to get off the wheel and get out of the Rat-Race. I had enough. I wanted to enjoy my work no matter what it was that I was doing.


I am still working remotely and thoroughly enjoying my working lifestyle, however, the hangover of previous recessions has made me, like many others, file for bankruptcy.

In January 2020, I came across a Facebook ad that talked about living your Dream Digital Lifestyle. I was really impressed by it and could relate to what the person was saying. That person was offering free online training videos on how to start an online business, which will allow you to follow your dream lifestyle. This introduced me to the idea of earning a passive income alongside my day job. I did not have to quit and start again. I was able to add to what I already have.

I have undertaken months of training, and with real human interaction and mentorship, I learned many new skills, which allowed me to implement it in my day job and to control of my own business. I am still learning, and each day is a new learning experience for me.

I have been healed in the year 2020 mentally, regardless of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The crux of my story is that if you trust yourself, and if you believe in yourself, you can become successful and overcome all the challenges that have been overpowering your life.

I never gave up! And I won't, ever! God was my recruiter, and not even once, has he let me down. But I was willing to listen, I stopped and started to smell the Roses, are you willing?

I have learned many lessons in my life that I can't wait to share with you. I might have some answers for your questions on how?

Always trust yourself, don't give in and never give up.

Let's learn together.

After all, it is Just Lifestyle Freedom.

Interested In A Change In Your Life?

I want to transform my life, I want to take control of my personal success


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