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Daily Motivation

Once we get up in the morning, how do you ensure you are going to have a good day? Have you paused and looked after YOU to make sure you are in the right mindset to achieve the 'things' for the day?

Take the time to look after yourself, read, listen and get started in a positive way for your positive day.

Some ways are watching videos, listening to podcast or reading books. Have a look below at a speech Matthew McConaughey gave in 2018 to a graduation ceremony.

Matthew McConaughey's Life Advice Will Change Your Future. Motivational Speech 2018

What Matthew McConaughey has shared with us:

 1) Life it's not easy

 2) Unbelievable it's the stupidest word in the dictionary

 3) Focus in Joy during the journey

 4) Define Success for yourself

 5) Process of Elimination - Where you're not it's as important as where you are

 6) Don't leave crumbs and the beauty of delayed gratification

 7) Dissect your successes and the rest of porosity of gratitude

 8) Make voluntary obligations

 9) From can to want

 10) A roof is a man-made thing (limits)

 11) Turn the page

 12) Give your obstacles credit

        13.1) Schedule the time to receive the truth

        13.2) Personalize it and why you need it in your life

        13.3) Have the patience to internalize it

Do you want more advice on making that change ? Have a great day.

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