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Define Your Purpose and Vision

Why Is It Important To Define Your Purpose In Life?

Have you ever took your car out and went roaming around on the roads? As you randomly move ahead, you see a fancy coffee shop. You stop and buy a cup of coffee. It smells of fresh roasted coffee beans, however, the moment you pick it up you realize that you just had a cup of coffee before leaving home. You take a few sips, leave it there, and start driving again.

Driving ahead after a few minutes, you see a stylish Jacket on a dummy in a clothing store window. You park your car and enter the store. Trying it on you realize that it is summer, and you don’t need it, because you already have lots of Jackets which look much cooler on you than this one. So you leave it there and carry on your journey.

Imagine this journey is your life, moving ahead without a purpose, you would bump into random stuff wasting your time, energy, and money. Achieving things randomly won’t make you contented.

“The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder — a waif, a nothing, a no man.” — Thomas Carlyle

We should take control of that ship! A purpose-driven life ignites excitement and motivation. It helps you to nurture and bloom in every aspect of life, relationships, spiritual, physical, emotional, and work. Let’s review a few strategies that would help you to identify your purpose:

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Take some time out for yourself

In this robotic life running constantly to earn a living, sometimes we forget our soul needs some air to breathe. Give yourself a break from all the scattered overwhelmed thoughts appearing every now and then which make your mind blur and hollow. Relax somewhere calm and do something that relaxes, and cleanses your thoughts.

Do what you love doing

Have you ever recalled a moment that gave you a feeling of immense happiness? You better sit down and think about what makes you glow and shine. Do what you love to do; be it meeting an old friend you haven't met for a very long time, or going on a hike with your school/college buddies, or buying yourself a muffin you loved to have from the shop on your way to work.

Surround yourself with positivity

"A man is known by the company he keeps"; Aesop.  No truer words. The reason being is that you become what you are surrounded by. Always try to surround yourself with positive people, with people who want to see you outshine, grow, and nourish. Human beings can absorb their surroundings and adapt to them very easily. Positive surroundings will enhance your abilities, motivate you, and pump you with an energetic spark!

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Create a life purpose

Now that you are thinking clearer by following the strategies mentioned above, you should realize how wonderful it is living with purpose. Things that seemed blurry and unclear will now begin to make sense to you. Write down the purpose of your life somewhere you can keep it on record, go back and read it many times, amend it if required as you walk along this path of life.

Our Purpose in life is found in service to others.

26  Whoever wants to become great among you must serve the rest of you like a servant.  Jesus (Matthew 20:26)

Share whatever you can offer.

God has blessed everyone with at least something they can offer for free. It can be wealth, time, health, and knowledge. If you have wealth, spend it on a good cause. If you have time, give your loved ones or any random person your time that may help them in any way. If you have good health, use it by helping any weak, ill, or elderly dependent by doing things for them they can't do for themselves. If you have the knowledge, then share it with someone who can benefit from it. Doing something for someone else allows you an inner peace spiritually and emotionally.

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How To Find Your Vision?

To know how to find your vision, you need to understand that vision is a long-term inspirational image of the future. Vision is something that inspires you to achieve what you have imagined for your life to come. Let’s see how we can work on our vision:

  • First of all, write down your personal vision in your journal.
  • Your vision should inspire and motivate you to maintain your energy level.
  • Align your purpose of life with the inspiring vision you have imagined.
  • Break down your ultimate life goal into small milestones that make it easier to work through your vision. Every tiny step you take would contribute to the journey to achieve it.
  • Every decision of your life is important now; it should not be something that contradicts your vision.

Getting a clear vision and an obvious path is just the beginning towards exploring success and growth. It's already there; you simply need to find out where it is and how you can utilize it.

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