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Going down a road without an exit

Strada Senza Uscita - Road Without An Exit - Cul De Sac - Dead End

Sometimes in our lives, we feel that we are on a path of no return, a path that leads to nowhere, a path stuck in a cul de sac. As the signs says above - A Road Without An Exit.

I felt that I was on that path, that if I kept walking it, somehow my circumstances would change for the better.

I have heard it said "If you always do what you have done, you will always get what you got"

So by continuing down the same path why do I keep expecting things to change for the better. Why did I expect to find a solution by repeating the same process day after day, week after week, year after year? I did not know any better! I was taught that this is the way. Get up, work hard, go home, sleep, repeat.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat! Ahhhhh! STOP get me off the Loop.


How could I change what I have always known? I did not know where to turn. They certainly don't teach you how to deal with it in school, university or work.

We have all heard people say.

"that's just the way life is - accept it",

"sure what is wrong with the way you live - are you not happy",

"you should be happy with your lot, just get on with it"

Well no I don't accept that - Why? Because I believe we have a choice. While we can accept our circumstance and be grateful for all we have, we still have a choice to make a change to the path we are on.......if we want to.

Wayne Dyer says "Walk down another street"

Tony Robbins says "Have an exit strategy"

Unless we recognise that there is another way to live our lives, to make a change and to give value to others in this world we will continue to walk the 'dead-end' path.

suitcase, person, happy

I myself have undergone and continue to go through personal development and I love it. It makes me a better person and it allows me to help others at the same time.  Essentially it is like a domino effect, where if we all give a little and help each other we all benefit.

Consider the path you are currently on and decide if it is the right one for you. If it is, great, if it is not, make a change, take a small step in a different direction - you never know where it might lead - now that is more exciting.

I am very grateful and thank God that I found a tribe community to share and learn within or did it find me?

In the image above the road does end for a car.....however..... at the end of the road there is a path that takes you through a forest and after a lovely walk you arrive at the top of the hill with amazing views over Turin. So sometimes even on a road with no exit - there is always a hidden path to glory.

Have a great day.

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