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Scoring Goals!

Do you remember as a child playing sports and scoring goals? Do you remember how that made you feel, great, on top of the world, you were a superstar!

Setting goals and achieving them in our lives is no different. Let's score more goals.

Below you will find a

  • link to your goal setting worksheet
  • link to more resources on understanding and setting goals
    • Personal Goal Setting - Planning to Live Your Life Your Way
    • SMART Goals - How to Make Your Goals Achievable
    • Golden Rules of Goal Setting - Five Rules to Set Yourself Up for Success
    • Eight Common Goal-Setting Mistakes - Achieving Your Dreams the Right Way
      • all available on
  • link to our Facebook group. A private group of like-minded people where we can share our goals and our achievements together. It is a safe place to grow together.

Set Yourself A Challenge

Do you really want to achieve your goals? I want to help you achieve them.

So.... download the worksheets, take time to think and really dig deep to understand what are true goals for you. Then when you share them with me, I will help you track your progress. The key is taking that first step to make it all happen. What are you waiting for? Get going!

The challenge is to set just one goal, big or small but one. Share your goal in the Facebook group Relight My Fire and we can all hold each other accountable. It is a private group and a safe place to grow together. Finally don't forget to write it all down and set a target date.

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