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How To Identify Your Life Passions

Do you know that passions make your life meaningful? They do not only add enthusiasm to our lives, but they create a spark and a sense of positivity around you. You can transform yourself completely when you work for your passion.

Hey! You know what? We all work to make money, but have you ever asked yourself how much you love doing your job? The percentage may be significantly less.

We may not have chosen our careers smartly enough to feed our passion and earn from it. Let’s see what you can do to know how to identify your life passion.

Are you feeling lost?

Do you know that we all feel clueless, wasted, and worthless at some point in life? Where we ask ourselves whatever we are doing, or sacrificing, is it even worth it?

Then is the time to reinstall your dreams and wakeup for a transformation. If you find yourself nowhere after making so much effort, it means whatever you are doing is not satisfying your inner self.

What is that you love doing?

Suppose you have a passion for travelling; every time you plan a vacation, a new office project comes in. You delay your vacation just so that you can get a promotion after the project is delivered successfully.

Years go by, and there you are piled up with the burden of projects, higher benchmarks, and higher expectations. You might have achieved many promotions, but what have you achieved so far against your passion?

Make a journal, and from now on start writing down what makes you happy? Where do you find yourself totally engaged? What is that ignites the fire within you?

It can be any small act, a hobby, or a thrilling moment.

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What do you do when you are passionate about a specific thing?

We thrive on delving deeper into things that we love. It can be a sport, it may be a hobby, an art, a skill, or anything that brings you joy and happiness. Whenever you think about it or do it, it makes you happy and satisfied. Like singing and playing the guitar, like taking photographs of nature, like travelling the world to visit new places, like expressive dance, live DJing, like cooking - Now that is what we are talking about!

Once you have listed down a few things, you can start researching, read books about them, watch instruction videos, join groups on social media for discussion related to your interests and generally learn more. You can experiment with meeting people with similar interests.

Brainstorm to get ideas on your passions

Are you confused about deciding on your passions? No worries! We all feel blank in our heads when asked what we are passionate about? If you love gardening, however, all you do is spend hours and hours reading books about it, that also counts as your passion.

If you like cooking and you want to watch cooking shows or read recipe books all day long. That is also your passion. The same goes for reading specific books in a particular niche. Anything that you can do for hours and hours and still does not bore you is your passion.

While deciding on your passions, you need to identify them by brainstorming. Take hints around you. Before deciding on anything, write down all the things that excite you when you do them. This method is more helpful. Because then you can quickly sift between brief and long term passions. For example I love playing drums in a band, I love making craft beer, I love DJing, I love mountain hiking, I love water sports (preferably in warm sunny climates), I love entertaining people and cooking on the BBQ.

Try to manage your time along with your Job

Hey! We all are occupied with a massive list of daily work routines and chores. But that definitely does not mean we should be neglecting our passions. It is crucial to find at least a small portion of time to work on your passions. If you want to pursue your passion and earn from it, do not rush to quit your job before discovering your passion. Take your time, take tiny steps towards it.

For example, if you are in love with photography and may be looking forward to quitting your nine to five job for it. First, you need to identify which niche do you want to pursue? Wildlife photography, events, or professional fashion, wedding shoots? Whatever your relevant interest is, make small moves towards it. Try giving at least a few hours to it in a week. Look into effective ways to manage your time better.

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Gain in-depth knowledge

Before you start pursuing your passion to a deeper level, it is essential to do diligent research. You should never dive into just anything right away. Give yourself time to gain the knowledge to make decisions quickly. Inform and equip yourself about whatever you are going to start because only the right decision at the right time can lead you to success.

Always go for a trial

We come across hundreds of free trials on the internet every day. Do you know that trials are fair and safe? Because before you buy the whole thing, you get to try how user-friendly or handy that particular service is. Is it even worth buying or not? The same goes for passion. Never burn your bridges, instead take some trials before you want to be sure if it is worth it or not. Try out your passion; see if it excites you every time you do it. Or is it just a temporary feeling.

Do not switch frequently

Your passions can change over time, and there is no harm in it. Do you remember what your favourite game was when you were twelve years old? Or your favourite TV show when you were twenty years old? What TV shows have you been watching in your late 30’s? Definitely not the same!

Simultaneously, our preferences change with time. It is alright to change preferences and passions over time. But make sure you are not stuck in a mindset of switching frequently. That way, you cannot decide whether you benefit from it in the long run.

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Keep practising until you succeed – You can do it

Listen Up! It is absolutely alright if you fail initially. While you are pursuing your passion, it certainly does not mean you have to nail it down at any cost on your first attempt. No one is an expert in the beginning. We all learn over time. If you fail on your first attempt, don’t give in, give it a second try. I bet things would be better than the first time. If you still do not succeed, then give it a third, fourth, fifth try, and so on. Every time you attempt, you get to learn and improve. Keep trying until you succeed in exploring your passion.

What is your passion profile?

Let’s try this small exercise and see what your passion profile is. Click on this link and answer relevant questions based on your preferences. This website shows you results to identify the passions that are important to you. Interestingly this identifies your top fifteen passions that are based on your answers. It creates a comparison of a few options with one another to see how much-preferred attitude you have towards a particular category.

Once you have identified your passions, it becomes easier to move in the right direction. Passions make you lively, and they keep you moving. They bring a spark in your life, they relight your fire.

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