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The Benefits of a Good Morning Routine

Developing Good Habits

When you wake up in the morning your body needs to hydrate, we are after all 60% + water. 15 benefits of drinking water

Refuel with fresh life-giving water. I like to add a full lemon squeezed into lukewarm water. Apparently, this is easier on the body. This simple recipe hydrates you and cleanses your body. Lemon is a magical fresh fruit discover more here.

As I wake up I tend to start in a positive way and be thankful for little things as I start my day. Thankful for being healthy, for waking up happy besides my wife, for a nice day outside, that I have work to go to, that I had a nice dinner the night before, that I am going outside to enjoy the fresh air and take the dog for a walk. Simple thankfulness, Observe Appreciate and give ThankS OATS discover more here. For example, when I see a flower blossom in the trees I will stop to look at its beauty, pause to smell its sweet scent and give thanks to God for what beauty I have seen in nature.

A brisk morning walk. Where I live is in the Collina Di Superga in Torino Italy. I am fortunate enough to be able to go for a beautiful walk on my doorstep. Into the forest, up the hill, look at the amazing views of the city and be surrounded by nature. This morning walk sets me up for the day, it allows me time to think about the day ahead, prepare for the tasks I need to carry out and prioritise what is important for the day. During the walk, you could listen to a motivational podcast or to music that you like, for now, I love listening to the birds.

During this walk, I am able to meditate for five to ten minutes. I close my eyes and listen to the sound of nature all around me. Birds singing, bees buzzing, dogs barking, engines running, people walking and I take time to listen and stop the constant drip drip drip of thoughts. I pause my mind and calm myself so that I am aware of myself and my surroundings.

BANG I am all set for the day. Productivity ensues.

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6 thoughts on “The Benefits of a Good Morning Routine”

  1. Angela P Mc Cauley

    Great post. Congratulations on you first Blog. Welcome to the blogosphere Brendan. The inspiration will come as you sit down to write. Well done. Mum

  2. This is brilliant, Brendan! You’re very good at writing. You’re a multitalented man. However, I agree with what you wrote. That’s a great way to start off the day.
    I look forward to reading more .
    Out of curiousity, is there anything specific you need to start up a blog?

    Have a good day filled with gratitude ☺️

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