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The Power of Habits

Creating Good Habits and Positive Success!

Habits are something we do every day without even knowing that they have become our habits. At some point in life, we all have tried to give up on some bad habits we have developed but failed badly. Dropping our bad habits is not about lack of determination; instead, it has more to do with how habits actually work.

Basically, the consistency of doing anything repetitively can bring a huge change. This can lead to success in business and life overall. If you aim to be successful in life, it is highly recommended that you develop good habits. Follow them religiously to make them permanently a part of your regime.

It is totally up to your motivation level how desperately you want to enjoy our success near soon.

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The Secret of Success is found in your daily routine.” John C. Maxwell

 Charles Duhigg, an award-winning business reporter, describes in his book; The Power of Habit, why habits exist and how they can be changed. He narrates scientific discoveries of the logic behind human habits and their relation to success. He tells us how some businesses and human beings struggle to change themselves, while how others manage to rebuild themselves overnight. He explains how the human mind is capable of transformation.

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Where do Habits come from?

There are a few factors involved that decide our habits;

  • Inherited from our Ancestors

Do you know that human beings have the tendency to inherit habits from their ancestors? Isn’t it surprising that you can develop habits from people you might have never met?

  • Adapted from our surroundings

Our surroundings make us used to many habits that unintentionally become a part of our life. We start doing those things automatically as if we were trained to do it.

  • Developed from our practices

Have you observed yourself doing the same thing every day? For example, you arrive home and hang the car keys on the hook behind the door every time. You do it as a precaution so that you don’t misplace the keys. But over time you will realize that even if you are absent-minded some days, you still hang your keys at the same point, as you are habitual of doing it for a long time.

  • Picked from our childhood

Habits form and dissolve over time. But there are a few which are almost impossible to get rid of. Especially the ones developed from our childhood. We have been repeating them so much that it becomes difficult to quit them. They shouldn’t be abandoned if they are the good ones.

  • Habits that have been formed by influence

We human beings get impressed by others easily, especially when there is something special about them. Adopting good habits by getting influenced by someone’s personality may be fruitful. But developing bad habits can be toxic too. Be mindful of who influences you. It is said, 'you can become like those you hang around with', make sure you hang with positive people.

Positve, good habits that can lead to Success

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  • Give yourself small milestones to achieve

Big goals take time to achieve; it is perfect to give yourself small milestones that are a step towards your life goal. When you achieve them, it will give you confidence and a sense of success.

  •  Always think positive

Being positive in any situation can be a very good habit to never let go of. There is so much negativity in the world that we can attract it in our lives, and in our careers by thinking negatively. Positivity can solve many issues.

  • Sleep early and wake up early

There is a science behind the phrase “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. This may be a very basic lesson we teach our children when they are toddlers. But it has a huge interference on every phase of our life.

The human body is amazing! It has a fast metabolism during sunlight time, while as the sun sets; our metabolism starts to slow down. While studies have proven people who slept early at night for eight hours were more energetic than the ones who slept in day time instead. Our body releases chemicals at night that send our brain messages to produce happy hormones. This brings a sense of positivity overall to our brain and body.

Adopting this habit can bring huge positivity to our life and career. Start a positive morning routine

  • Make a journal

Always plan your day before it starts. Keeping a journal of what you have done in the day while reconciling it with the plan will provide you with how you are progressing every day.

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  • Daily work-out routine

Exercising every day brings a very positive effect on your body and your mind. It makes you creative, while you become an exceptional performer in your career.

  • Read books

I have observed how over time reading books has not just increased my knowledge, but it has hugely opened my eyes to see the bigger picture. I have seen myself evolve and grow with this splendid habit of mine. Books are no doubt an irreplaceable treasure.

  • Never lose your temper

Hey, I know it becomes challenging at times to keep calm. Sometimes we get so annoyed by some events that we burst into emotions and lose our sanity. Always remember, that anger never finds a solution to a problem. It instead ignites the occurring issues that may become irreversible.

You are the one who should know yourself better than anyone else. If you know at some point a certain activity could make you lose your temper, make sure you are aware of how to handle it.

Having control over your emotions can be one of your core strengths of a good habit list.

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